Online Payment Center
Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What information will I need to make a payment?
In addition to the information on the method of payment you will be using you will need to know your Member Number, Loan Suffix, and Last Four of the SSN for the loan that you will be paying on. You can obtain this information from your monthly statement or if you use Online Banking it is listed there.
2. Why register?
Here are 5 good reasons to register.
Convenience, Security, Economical-paperless, Easy to Enroll, and Most of all…Free!
Registered users can set up recurring payments as well as have payment information stored.
3. If I register and want to use the Guest Option later to make a payment with my debit card can I?
Yes. payments can be made at either option even if you are registered.
4. Can I make a payment on a loan that is in another name (example I am the co-signer)?
If you have the Member Number, Loan Suffix, and last four of the SSN for that account you would be able to make a payment. And if you are a registered user you can save all accounts that you make payments on to the same login.
5. If I am a registered user where do I enter my bank account information?
Bank Account information is entered under the Wallet section at the top of the screen. Payments can be made from a checking or savings account.
6. What Debit Cards are accepted?
You can use a VISA or Mastercard Debit Card.